The Top 10 Biggest Blunders of Real Estate Investors

I just finished up my mentorship program, called the “Ultimate Apprenticeship Program”, where we take a group of 25 investors and take them by the hand and nose, and show them and give them our actual blueprint, on creating a successful home buying business.

After the class, my team and I sat back and talked about some of the miracles, funny stories, and some of the war stories as well. As we laughed, cried and made fun of some of our students, we also talked about some of the biggest blunders of our apprentices…

I thought I’d share them with you, I guarantee this will smack you in the butt and make you take a hard look in the mirror!

Here we go…

  1. Being Intimidated: Of everything, getting their first deal. The worst is being intimidated of other people, I see it all the time, a student has enormous success in our program, and then another student says, “He’s only successful because he’s good at sales, or because she’s a real people person, or has money and good credit.” Bullshit! They discount the other person’s success because they’re just intimidated by them…think about it.
  2. Being Arrogant: When our apprentices start experiencing a little success, usually after completing their second deal successfully they tend to become arrogant, and think they know it all.
  3. Being S-L-O-W: This is one of the worst mistakes my team and I witness. People are just too damn slow! If it takes you 3 weeks just to send out your mailings,you’re going nowhere FAST. The best apprentices have a fire under their ass and take massive action.

    Remember this, Speed Kills!

  4. Being Reckless: Acting like an idiot. Enough said!
  5. Being Cheap: I love this quote by Jim Rohn, “Rich people have big libraries, Poor people have big screen TV’s.” I’ll share a true story with you that will say everything perfectly…

    A whole team of hotel managers, operators and management flew into Palm Beach to learn, “How Ritz Carlton creates 5 Star Level Service, and are the standard for the industry.” It was a 2 day workshop, learning directly from the Ritz; however, 90% of the attendees at the workshop stayed across the street at the Holiday Inn, during their stay at the workshop.

    That’s what I call, stepping over dollars to pick up dimes!

  6. Being Wasteful: Not taking advantage of certain opportunities that are right in front of their eyes.
  7. Being Dependant: Do I have to say anything else?
  8. Being Greedy: Pigs get slaughtered! You won’t go very far, if you have this mindset, and you’ll make less in the long run.
  9. Being Limited: Only looking at something in 1 way, instead of looking at the bigger picture. This type of thinking will be the surest way to lose money and make mistakes!
  10. Being Afraid: Never be afraid to make mistakes or fail, because we truly learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

My best piece of advice, grab a pair of “clip-on’s” (I hope you know what I mean), and kick some ass and take names. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


For More Information About Becoming An Ultimate Apprentice Student Contact:  Rich Urban



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