My Dirtiest House Yet – COMPETITION


Well, I thought that I had seen it all — I was gravely wrong…:) I’ll just let this video do the talking! Sorry about the poor quality, I shot this video “on the fly”.

After making this quick video, I started thinking that this could become somewhat of a Fun Contest. I challenge all Real Estate Investors to send me their “Dirtiest House”, and let’s get a competition going! Comment back with Pictures and / or youtube videos.



  • Anyone that enters the contest will receive a Free Book – The Death Of Real Estate Investing by real estate mentor, Mike Perl (
  • The winner will receive an entire real estate investing course by Mike Perl, “Finding Vacant Properties in Your Own Backyard” Valued at $550.00

I’d imagine that this could become quite amusing! The winner will be chosen before October 1st, so get your entries in now…:)


12 Responses to My Dirtiest House Yet – COMPETITION

  1. Steven Carlile says:


  2. David K says:

    Had one house where the previous owners let their dogs (large dogs) use the finished basement as their litter box. Same people also left at least half of their personal possessions in the house, all of which was junk and trash, nothing of value.

    Looked at another house that I didn’t buy that was empty for about a year. Had to enter through a window, as I raised the window this stench hit me like a brick between the eyes, and I quickly withdrew my head and barfed ny lunch. There was rotten food and who knows what else in this house for a year.

    Another house had a sliding glass door left open, probably for a year and there were multiple dead rotting bodies in the house. All animals, no human remians. Ah the smell of rotting flesh. I did buy this one.

    Another house that I looked at but didn’t buy had neither public sewer, or a septic system or even an out house. The previous occupants would defecate in a bag and put it out for the trash men/person. They had not removed all the bags.

    Another house had soiled Pampers laying around the house.

    Another house had about 6 to 8 feet of standing water in the basement for 2 to 3 years. There was mold all over the house, which didn’t have a leaking roof, surprisingly.

    Another house had been unoccupied for 15 years with the electric turned off. There were unrecognizable leftovers in the frig and freezer. Had to stuff cotton up my nose and the frig was beyond use. Normally I would seal the doors, but they had to be removed to get it out of the house. Even with all the decayed, rotten food removed the smell of the frig was unbearable.

    There have been several houses with rotting food on the kitchen/dining room table, usually there for approx. a year.

    I’m sure there are others that I’m trying to erase from my memory.

  3. Justin says:

    Besides the horendous clutter. It doesn’t seem that “nasty”.

  4. Potash says:

    Four 30 cubic yard dumpsters from just the trash inside of an 1700 square foot house plus garage that had been vacant for more than four years. Including a dozen old appliances (some of which were filled with stanky water), some furniture, but mostly just piles and piles of old clothes and junk, enough to fill more than 400 trash bags, in addition to that, more than a 100 trash bags had already been bagged, no doubt for years. Two entire bedrooms were filled to about window level, 42″. with old clothes, atheletic equiptment, toys, extention cords, food containers, and note book paper seemingly blended together into one homogeneous mass. And for good measure most of the walls had been painted with florescent grafitti paying tribute to the The Insane Clown Posse.

    The most amasing thing about the house was that there were no bugs or animals in the entire house (except the maggots in the old floor frezzer that hadn’t been opened in years). This despite open and broken windows. It had been condemed by the city, so the city must have sent in an exterminator at some point.

  5. IB (NJ) says:

    Maaaannnn….yall aint seen NOTHING until you hear one of Ben (NJ)’s stories. GET AT EM BEN! – LOL

  6. Dannj says:

    I bought a cat house that was relatively clean during the negotiation stage but I’ll never forget what I saw in the bedroom. The owner had a bunch of cats who used the floors as a litter box. Not too uncommon I suppose but there was this one cat that actually spent its entire life on top of a tall dresser. From kitten till death it never came down from there. Too scared to jump off I guess. The owner would accomodate the cat and put food up there but never a litter box. Ever wonder how much crap a cat can crap over a lifetime? Well, now I know.

    I took a picture of the mess and sent it straight to the lawyer handling the house. She immediately agreed that the house was only worth 50 cents on the dollar.

  7. David says:

    How Could I forget…
    ….The house where the owner had a mental disorder that prohibited her from throwing anything away. Plastic milk bottles were stamped flat and walked on in the house. There was trash in most areas of the house at least 2 feet thick, all mashed down my the owner walking on it. In the spare, dare I say guest bedrooms, the trash was piled to the ceilings. We took out 1 40 yard dumpster and about 10-12 pickup truck loads and it was a small house. It didn’t smell as bad as some of the others, but had much more trash per square foot than any of the others.

  8. Tim says:

    Yeah, there’s a lot of TRASH in that house, but at least it’s not GARBAGE. I bought a place out in the country several years ago that was the worst I ever dealt with. When you opened the door to go in you had to step back, because that sound of rain you heard was a multitude of cockroaches falling off the ceiling. The kitchen had unspeakable piles of stuf everywhere, with maggots crawling on every inch of space that wasn’t covered by cockroaches. I’m not even going to get into the dog & cat surprises layered on the floor throughout the house. The back room had a dental chair bolted to the floor, with various tatoo guns, needles & ink strewn around. Many pictures of naked people of indeterminate sex scattered about showing them being tatooed in the chair. Did I mention the blood spattered on the chair?

    This same property was in the country, so no garbage pickup. Fortunately there was a shed about 20 feet from the house. It was about 16’x 16′, with an 8′ ceiling height. They used that to throw their real nasty stuff in, it had about a 2 year accumulation, and was flowing out into the yard.

  9. Rich - CA says:

    Beats my house full of urine and feces soaked carpets

  10. Ben(NJ) says:

    Not the dirtiest, but funniest-
    The guy who used to handle my evictions was right out of prison, eyes tattooed in the back of his shaved head, totally fearless. He met his match however when I sent him into a board-up. He narrated the whole thing via cell phone- “Ben, I’m in, went through a window, its not that bad.. I’m headed to the kitchen……oh, god…..oh, god…they left food…maggots everywhere…(blahhgh, blahhh, (sounds of vomiting) me laughing hysterically on the other end of the phone… “Mark, not on the carpet.. LMAO!!”.

  11. Chris Janette says:

    So that’s where my tenants used to live. I wondered.

  12. Real Estate Investing Pro says:

    Wow, that’s a tough one…

    Let’s see, UN occupied I had one once that a crazy old lady let all of her cats live in–she lived down the street. Just left furniture and all in this place when her hubby died, and she went there every day tof eed the cats. At the time I saw it there were at least two dozen cats living in it, and had been for the past ten years.

    Occupied, there was one I looked at but decided not to pursue, nice brick ranch in upper middle neighborhood. A lady had lived in it for 30 years, but had NO utilities for the past 8 (this in Nebraska). She burned a little wood in a franklin stove for some heat, which was amazing because the rest of the place was stacked to the ceiling with newspapers, trash, and food waste. There were literally just narrow paths from room to room. MOST of the human waste was in the back yard, which probably had not been mowed in at least the past 8 years. There were two trees growing through the foundation and up through the livingroom floor.

    Then, there was the rental with two crazy siblings. They had lived there several years and prior owner never checked on the place. When I went after their first year to do an inspection, I found they had been putting ALL trash, food waste, and garbage down the basement stairs. And of course, the main sewer line was broken near the toilet, so all THAT went directly into the basement as well. Sweet.

    The all time worst however, has to be (again in Nebraska, in the HOT summer) a low rent multifamily rental where a guy died and just completely decomposed before anybody bothered to mention the smell. It was basically a big gelatinous goo that dripped and soaked into the floorboards and wall cavity, with the smell just permeating everything. We had to gut the unit to the bare studs and seal/scrub every inch. I don’t think we ever got rid of the smell.

    There are others, but those are probably the top ones…

    I Love Property Management! (Really I do!)

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